Quick update: Tuesday’s work

I had the privilege of being out and about across the entire campus more than usual today, so enjoy the pictures

My morning started with prepping treatments for the animals. Eevie, left, and Ollie, get FerreTone supplement. I was able to use both ends of the spoon and give the supplement to them at the same time.

No picture from today’s Laser treatment for Virginia, but you can click here to see what and why we do it.

In the Farmyard, I caught Dallas and Dusty eating hay

While in Explore the Wild, I saw all seven lemurs outside sunning.

And speaking of sunning, the Team was able to get both bearded dragons and a snake outside today to bask in the UV rays of the sun. Can you see all three critters below?

Pruning in the bear yard occurred– a bunch of trees were growing too close and into the fence. This meant that loads of browse was given to the lemurs, tortoises, and Farmyard critters.

After giving a vehicle load of browse to the tortoises and lemurs, Rob delivered a vehicle loaded down with browse for the Farmyard critters

Check back in a few days to see the Farmyard critters with their browse

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