Quick update: Tuesday’s work

I had the privilege of being out and about across the entire campus more than usual today, so enjoy the pictures No picture from today’s Laser treatment for Virginia, but you can click here to see what and why we do it. While in Explore the Wild, I saw all seven lemurs outside sunning. And speaking of sunning, the Team was able to get both bearded dragons and a snake outside today to bask in the UV rays of theRead more

Story to share

I was cleaning the farmyard yesterday morning when something really cute happened. I was raking Nimbus‘s yard (our farmyard rabbit), and a woman and her two little boys (maybe 2 or 3 years old) came over to visit the rabbit. I heard the mother refer to Nimbus as “Ollie” when she was talking to the boys. Smiling, I asked her, “Is that what you named the bunny?” The mother preceded to tell me that the boys’ favorite cartoon has aRead more