What’s for Dinner?

NOTE: I’m temporarily working part-time in the Animal Department! I love wearing my official purple shirt. You never know what volunteering at the Museum will lead to. If you think it is hard to figure out what to have for dinner at your house, imagine all the various critters at the Museum who want to eat. Preparing food for all the animals on exhibit and behind-the-scenes is a major task for the keepers and volunteers every day. Kristen recently wroteRead more

Chinchilla Chillin’

As you well know by now, Nimbus the super adorable rabbit has been living in the building instead of the farmyard where she’s usually found. She’s still doing ok, she has good days and bad days, but she’s eating well and gets extra love and attention since she hangs out where we are for a lot of the day. Her being in the building has also given her the chance to make some new friends with some of our animalsRead more