Chinchilla Chillin’

As you well know by now, Nimbus the super adorable rabbit has been living in the building instead of the farmyard where she’s usually found. She’s still doing ok, she has good days and bad days, but she’s eating well and gets extra love and attention since she hangs out where we are for a lot of the day.

Her being in the building has also given her the chance to make some new friends with some of our animals who are used for education. She spends most of her days these days with Little, our silky chicken (we just call her Chicken). Here they share breakfast:

Nimbus also got to meet Bugsy, our male rabbit, for the first time. She almost immediately started grooming him. Here’s a video (uh, this is an edited version). WARNING You have never seen anything this cute:

And then she got some supervised play time with our chinchillas Salt and Pepper. I love the way she gets so animated when they first come out. She really seems to be interested in the other creatures. It was fun to watch Nimbus’s ears as Salt and Pepper split up to explore different parts of the room–she kept one ear following each. WARNING This is also really cute:

Maybe Bugsy and Nimbus can play catch together! I will definitely keep you updated on that…

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