Zoe Keeps Katy Company

In the Animal Department most of the keepers share an office. It is crazy to think, but we cram 6 keepers into 1 office! Sherry has her own office, but she has a window and her office opens into the Keeper office so she is always around much activity. Aaron has his own office, but it also has a window. For me I get to spend my time in the lonely Vet room without a window and without companionship soRead more

Some Days Suck

There is really no better description. It’s one of those sucky, sad days in the animal department. We have a few animals on “hospice” care and today was the day to euthanize Nimbus. A difficult day for sure, but not a surprising one.  However, on Wednesday, Wendy Woodchuck was not looking so well. She did not improve. I checked on her several times throughout the night last night and today she went to the vet (Dr. Thea Carter).  Wendy was euthanizedRead more

Chinchilla Chillin’

As you well know by now, Nimbus the super adorable rabbit has been living in the building instead of the farmyard where she’s usually found. She’s still doing ok, she has good days and bad days, but she’s eating well and gets extra love and attention since she hangs out where we are for a lot of the day. Her being in the building has also given her the chance to make some new friends with some of our animalsRead more

Nimbus might really love to throw things

Or she really hates fake carrots. I have been so super excited to write this post. Way back in September (back when it was warm, I can’t even remember what that feels like) I did a very scientific experiment exploring the claim given by a certain rabbit toy that said, “Rabbits love to throw things”. I was skeptical, and rightly so! If you haven’t seen that video then go back and bring yourself up to speed because this post won’tRead more

Nimbus update

Thought you guys might like an update about Nimbus, our farmyard rabbit, who is still hanging out in the building (further explanation). She has up days and down days, and we plan to keep her inside for the winter, and possibly permanently. We are assessing her daily quality of life by watching how much she eats, if her feces look normal, and how she’s sitting most of the day–legs under her or splayed out. We also try to notice ifRead more

Where’s Nimbus?

If you’ve been up through the farmyard before, you’ve probably seen our outside bunny, Nimbus. There have been several posts about her already. This is unsurprising, as she’s the cutest perky-eared bunny on the planet (Bugsy, our other rabbit, is the cutest lop eared or floppy eared bunny). If you’ve been to the farmyard lately, you probably have wondered where she went. Last Saturday when I went into clean Nimbus’ cage, I saw that she was lying in a weirdRead more