Where’s Nimbus?

If you’ve been up through the farmyard before, you’ve probably seen our outside bunny, Nimbus. There have been several posts about her already. This is unsurprising, as she’s the cutest perky-eared bunny on the planet (Bugsy, our other rabbit, is the cutest lop eared or floppy eared bunny). If you’ve been to the farmyard lately, you probably have wondered where she went.

Last Saturday when I went into clean Nimbus’ cage, I saw that she was lying in a weird way. She usually lies down like this:

But she was lying like this, with her legs out to the side:

When I went to move her, she was having trouble getting her feet beneath her. I was pretty worried. When we see an animal lying with their legs to the side when they usually don’t, that usually means something is wrong with their back. Rabbits especially have sensitive backs that get hurt pretty easily. I brought her down to the building, and she went for x-rays on Tuesday. Luckily her back is just fine. The prognosis is that she has arthritis in many of her joints. We got Nimbus when she was already full grown, so we don’t know how old she is exactly, but while back Dr. English, our eye specialist, said that based on her eyes, he thought she was an older bunny.

She started on some pain meds, and today she seems to be doing better. She was lying like she normally does this morning.

That’s a good sign! She’ll stay in the building for a while longer until we’re %100 sure that she’s doing well enough to return to the farmyard. However, she really doesn’t like taking her pain meds. I was having a hard time getting her to cooperate the other day, so I asked Sherry to help me. She was having a really hard time too, and it was really funny to watch her try (Nimbus kept moving and boxing at the syringe, so the syringe was going everywhere, like up Nimbus’ nose). Luckily I had a camera in my pocket, but AS SOON as I started filming, Nimbus started to cooperate. Of course.

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  1. Sherry says:

    Just for the record, I had no issues getting Nimbus here meds!All went as smoothly as it usually goes for me when I work on Christmas.

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