Nimbus update

Thought you guys might like an update about Nimbus, our farmyard rabbit, who is still hanging out in the building (further explanation).

She has up days and down days, and we plan to keep her inside for the winter, and possibly permanently. We are assessing her daily quality of life by watching how much she eats, if her feces look normal, and how she’s sitting most of the day–legs under her or splayed out. We also try to notice if she’s grooming regularly. When her legs don’t feel good, she won’t move much, and sometimes sits in her urine. This can cause scalding on her legs, so we have to be very watchful of that, and bathe her legs if needed.

She’s currently eating really well, today she’s looking pretty perky, and she’s good company when you are working on things in the vet room! Let us know if you have questions about her!

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