Nimbus might really love to throw things

Or she really hates fake carrots.

I have been so super excited to write this post. Way back in September (back when it was warm, I can’t even remember what that feels like) I did a very scientific experiment exploring the claim given by a certain rabbit toy that said, “Rabbits love to throw things”. I was skeptical, and rightly so! If you haven’t seen that video then go back and bring yourself up to speed because this post won’t be NEARLY as exciting for you if you aren’t.
So, yesterday Sherry calls me over to the vet room, where Nimbus the rabbit has been chillinfor a few months. Here is the scene that we see:

What’s wrong with this picture? What’s wrong is that the toy carrot is CLEAR ACROSS THE ROOM. Katy was the one who put Nimbus on the floor that morning, and she said that the toy carrot was over by her food and water bowl. So the question is, how did the carrot end up way over there?! Either one of us keepers put it over there (and nobody fessed up), or, gasp, Nimbus threw it!

On a hunch, I brought the offending carrot (which hence will be referred to as a “carrot” since it’s not actually a carrot) over to Nimbus and filmed what I thought would be her uninterested reaction. It was a tad more eventful than I was anticipating.

After that she lost interest in the “carrot”, but I definitely saw some unmistakable throwing motions in the video (for clarity on how a rabbit can throw, please see the comment section of the previous experiment). I’m sure this isn’t the end to my exploration of this claim, and I’ll be sure to keep you well updated as new events unfold. But I feel ever closer to the bottom of this mystery.

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  1. edot says:

    I totally understand her pain–she sees orange and thinks, Score! Carrot! and, in the comfort of her own privacy, she is *pissed* when she finds out it is a "carrot." I do the same thing in the closed stacks when I'm looking for serials–if it's just me? I curse and stomp and get pissy; but if I have company? I am on much better behavior.

  2. Lynn says:

    "This video is currently not available. Please try again later." ARRRGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!(Patience is not my virtue.)

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