Nimbus might really love to throw things

Or she really hates fake carrots. I have been so super excited to write this post. Way back in September (back when it was warm, I can’t even remember what that feels like) I did a very scientific experiment exploring the claim given by a certain rabbit toy that said, “Rabbits love to throw things”. I was skeptical, and rightly so! If you haven’t seen that video then go back and bring yourself up to speed because this post won’tRead more

I am skeptical of that claim

I was “helping” Kristen unload a box on Thursday (I don’t know if she really ever finds me helpful as I usually end up getting distracted by something–keep reading) and I pulled out this corn on the cob toy made for rabbits. I was very tickled by the box’s unenthusiastic claim: I guess I’m so tickled because if I were in charge of writing statements on toy boxes, I would follow up a sentence in which I used the wordsRead more