Christmas 2020

This might be the coldest Christmas I’ve worked at the Museum. I’ve worked wet ones, warm ones, and lonely ones, but I don’t think I’ve worked one this cold in quite some time, if at all. I also have never worked a Christmas with so many helpers! Three incredible volunteers along with “Keeper Nicole” made for a smooth and easy morning. More changes this year: Because I have the above dream team I didn’t set my alarm until 6:30. IRead more

Christmas is almost here

Christmas 2020 is right around the corner. Please check back on Friday afternoon to see what is going on this Christmas in the world of Animal Care at the Museum. Check out the goings on from Christmas 2019, or Christmas 2018, or all the ones before… Until Friday, enjoy these very cute pictures of Virginia.Read more

Christmas 2019

Happy Christmas! Today has been incredibly smooth. I am sure it is due to the abundance of help. Yesterday we had an almost full contingent of staff, and today, Keeper Chris and Volunteer Virginia were in to help this morning. Given the help, it meant my start time was much later. I woke before my 6:01 AM alarm and arrived at work to get settled and organized for Chris’ arrival at 7 AM. In addition to the later start time,Read more

Christmas 2018

Regular blog readers know the routine, but for new readers here’s the scoop. Working on Christmas is something I have done for years. (Even before working at the Museum). My prep starts the week before, making sure I understand any treatments, routines, behaviors, tasks, diets, etc. before the 25th arrives. I set out my layers of clothes, snacks, set the alarms for 4:48 and 4:55 (although I really want to be at the Museum at 5 AM so I canRead more

Christmas is almost here

I’m gearing up for Christmas 2018. Even I am reading blog posts from the past decade to get ready. I met with each Team last week to review any special tasks or needs. See what was going on at the Museum for the last 10+ Christmas’ at the links below (and check back later in the week for an update about 2018). Christmas 2017 Christmas 2016 Christmas 2015 Christmas 2014 Christmas 2013 Christmas 2012 Christmas 2011 Christmas 2010 Christmas 2009Read more

Christmas 2017

So, I’m sweating at 5:30. Last night I set out shorts and sweat pants and a sweatshirt. I know I am always hot with the heat blowing while working indoors, so I set out layers to wear today. Yay for being prepared. Here’s the but… I decided not to wear them — what the heck was I thinking!! My alarm went off at 4:52 and I drug myself off the couch (with glasses on and not lost this year), brushedRead more