Christmas 2019

Happy Christmas!

Today has been incredibly smooth. I am sure it is due to the abundance of help. Yesterday we had an almost full contingent of staff, and today, Keeper Chris and Volunteer Virginia were in to help this morning.

Chris and Virginia took care of the entire Farmyard, and much more, happily!

Given the help, it meant my start time was much later. I woke before my 6:01 AM alarm and arrived at work to get settled and organized for Chris’ arrival at 7 AM. In addition to the later start time, there are some other differences from past Christmases:

First, no flashlights are needed given the later start time. Second, my eyesight has changed (maybe that’s not new), and without my reading glasses or bifocals, I cannot clearly see anything up close. Finally, and related, I continue to use technology (my smartphone) to help me get through the day.

I had to take a picture of the thermometer and enlarge it in order to read the numbers. Sad, but true.

I took a picture of the TO DO list before heading to Explore the Wild. Unfortunately, I forgot to look at it while out there and there will be some extra tasks to get done this afternoon.

What hasn’t changed is my inability to stay dry while doing dishes. My shirt, the counter, and the floor are all soaking wet when I do dishes. (Dishes happen the end of the morning, so I was not wet when working outside).

With beautiful weather and the help, Chris and I divided and conquered the outside work. I went to Explore the Wild. The bears wouldn’t budge. Mimi, Gus, and Yona slept through my visit. Virginia was ready for me to give her meds on the cliff. She snubbed the pills in grapes at first. Evidently she gets the powdered meds/syrup mixture first, and then she eats the pills in the grapes. (who knew?!?)

All 10 wolves were up, and once you toss food in their habitat there is no way to count all 10 again given how fast they move.

A flurry of wolves came to bark at me while I was checking the fence. Five of them! Dad, Moose (left) was the first one over and the rest followed in suit.

Lemurs and tortoises were fine. Several piles of tortoise poop were easy to find, and only five of the seven lemur stalls required cleaning. I triple checked my locks and shift doors before finishing up.

Oliver was by himself, when I arrived, and then, again, while eating.

Satyrus ate chow first

,Chris was able to get Lightning, the donkey out for his walk. And, when I arrived back from Explore the Wild the Farmyard was mostly done.

Ray, lounging, in a clean yard.

With three people, we divided the indoor tasks. All in all, by 11:00 AM we were in excellent shape. Everybody was checked, cleaned, fed, and cared for. Treatments were easy too.

I cannot tell the rabbits apart without scanning their microchip. This could be Mocha… or maybe it’s Latte.

Jaybird stayed where he was supposed to– no field trips for him today.

I’ll be back later in the afternoon with a buddy to check on everyone and finish some tasks. The last few years have been smooth sailing. Makes things nice and easy, but not so exciting to report on. You can check out posts from past Christmases by clicking here... I am sure there is some humor — and nostalgia

Until 2020…

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  1. kivomuller says:

    that is really so nice from u guys what u do for animals and to save them happy to see people like u 😀

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