Biogen Idec helps us clean up again

Yesterday we had a group from Biogen Idec help volunteer. We take volunteer groups several times throughout the year to help us with major manual labor projects. Given the rain, Aaron had the group working inside scrubbing & cleaning walls, floors, vents, ceilings, etc. One of the projects on the list was the Reptile Holding Room. All the cages had to be moved out. Below, Aaron and Kai working in the empty room cleaning floors and more.   When IRead more

Major clean up

Our floors and walls were scrubbed down yesterday. I really don’t want to show you, or tell you how gross it was. Actually, it really wasn’t that bad, as some keepers who have done this in the past can attest to.¬† Aaron¬†did the wall scrubbing — music blaring of course!  Read more

superclean continued…

Piggybacking on Marilyn’s post…Here are some more pictures of those perches, baskets, feeders, etc that we have to scrub and switch around during the lemur house superclean.. For the perches, we use hardwood limbs, pvc pipe, bamboo, trellis pieces, old hose, and thick rope. Laundry baskets, tubs, and closet shelving make good sitting spots and plastic baskets, buckets, plastic milk jugs, frisbees, colanders and the like make great feeders. You have to have a large supply of bungee cords, zipRead more

Lemur exhibit change

This past week was a hectic one in the animal department. We “super cleaned” the entire lemur house so that we could switch a different species into our inside veiwing area. Super cleaning is basically where everything gets taken out of the exhibit, scrubbed down and put back in as a new set up. For the lemur house, this is quite a task as we have many perches, hanging baskets, and assorted feeders to change out and re-arrange. But nowRead more

“Is bleach on sale??”

I’m the keeper whose job it is to buy all of our supplies. One of the great things about that is hearing the comments I get from people around town as I’m buying those supplies. See my previous post about Stocking the Animal Department Kitchen. We use about 10 -12 gallons of bleach a week cleaning animal cages, exhibits, and pools, and I ususally end up buying large quantities of bleach (100 bottles) at a time to be a littleRead more