Lemur exhibit change

This past week was a hectic one in the animal department. We “super cleaned” the entire lemur house so that we could switch a different species into our inside veiwing area. Super cleaning is basically where everything gets taken out of the exhibit, scrubbed down and put back in as a new set up. For the lemur house, this is quite a task as we have many perches, hanging baskets, and assorted feeders to change out and re-arrange. But now the ring-tailed lemurs are in the exhibit instead of the red ruffeds. Check them out at indoor viewing.

3 responses to Lemur exhibit change

  1. Jeff Stern says:

    WOW! Great post – all of the key blog elements – nice picture that people will want to share with friends and “behind the scenes” information that makes people feel more connected to the Museum. Very nice!

  2. ErinH says:

    I LOVE that the ring-tails are in the lemur house. While I enjoy visiting the other two species, the ring-tails seem much more active and it is nice to see them up close. Cassandra and I played pat-a-cake against the window one afternoon!

  3. Marilyn says:

    That’s very cute, Erin. Much like Lightning the Donkey with his fetch ball, Cassandra must have taught herself that game… unless you were holding some raisins!

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