Pig Barn Building this week.

the pigs’ yard was torn down and rebuilt- it’s now newer, larger, and set back in the woods. This week they are getting a new barn. The finished product will be in the same theme as the rest of the Farmyard. Initial photos and design are below. Check out the farmyard during construction. The pigs will be back when the work is complete.Read more

Just a dream

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you already know that the animal department has been under a lot of construction for a while now. We’ve added a new extension to the building, gotten our kitchen remodeled, had new flooring installed to part of our hall, and most recently we have installed a large walk-in freezer. Now, I say “most recently” very loosely. Why, you might ask?  Because the freezer parts have actually been here since September ofRead more

The thrills of working around construction….

You may have seen the previous post that Karyn wrote about new flooring being installed on our support hall. Well, this week has been difficult for the keepers because everything is out of place and out of whack. However, even in light of the craziness that we are currently enduring, people are working through it like champs. In fact, we are trying to find amusement in the chaos wherever we can. The fact that we have to crawl through theRead more

QuikPost: Moving right along!

A lot of work has happened on the new building extension for the Animal Department.  The structure actually looks like a building now, and that’s always a good sign that construction is on its way to being finished (hopefully).  The Exhibits Department is also having space added onto their workshop, but I only got pictures of our rooms.Read more

QuikPost: Construction update

It seems like another big step in the construction outside our office. A large pallet of drywall and studs were delivered. Contractors were also inside today to start to look at the plans for the new surgery room and the plans for the venting of gas from the anesthesia machine. Less than two month until it’s complete (although Kristen says not a chance. We have a bet- winner gets a free lunch)!Read more