The thrills of working around construction….

You may have seen the previous post that Karyn wrote about new flooring being installed on our support hall. Well, this week has been difficult for the keepers because everything is out of place and out of whack. However, even in light of the craziness that we are currently enduring, people are working through it like champs. In fact, we are trying to find amusement in the chaos wherever we can. The fact that we have to crawl through the small viewing windows of our snake cage exhibits just to gain access to an entire hall of animal exhibits is probably one of the most humorous (if you’re watching someone else crawl through) and annoying (if you’re the one doing the crawling) things that we are having to deal with. Here’s some pictures of us having some fun this morning as we work!

Our amazing volunteer, Annie, attempts to climb through the snake window first thing in the morning to get fresh water for one of our education critters.
Ding ding! Order up at the service window!
I decided to see if I could fit through the top window. Annie figured this was the perfect opportunity to get back at me for the photo I took of her!;)
"Hmmmmm... how should I go about this?"


At this point, I thought I might actually be stuck... but that would be way too embarrassing to ever live down with my co-workers, so I squeezed through.
It was THIS position that finally made me realize what a bad idea this was, and that I should have gone back instead of forward. Ouch!
Whew! The worst is over!

I decided to demonstrate another way to go through the windows on my way back out.
So far, so good...
OK, a bit hard on the knees and shins right here. I'm too old for this!
But while I'm here, I might as well get my exercise in for the day and do some push-ups. Hey, no gym tonight!


3 responses to The thrills of working around construction….

  1. leslie says:

    We told you it was construction but really, we just wanted to try some new keeper enrichment. 🙂

  2. sarah says:

    I love that all of us have our unique ways of getting through those windows. I like going through feet first. It reminds me of how all of the bears go up/down the cliff differently.

  3. kimberly says:

    Crack me up Marilyn, believe it or not you aren’t the only person to try the top window, however Intern Matt was a bit more graceful than you 🙂

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