The Case of the Missing Lock

With all of the construction going on, things move from one place to the other and sometimes get lost in the process. For quite a while, a lock went missing that was attached to one of our vehicles and was gone for several weeks.

On a day where the conditions were perfect I was able to spot the lock. Unfortunately, it went down a drain hole.

Marilyn looking at the lock

I had to pretend I was MacGyver and devise a way to retrieve the lock. I went into our tool closet and was able to find fishing wire. I attached this fishing wire to a snake hook and weighed it down. You can see in the picture below how Marilyn is in admiration of my skills.

I know the suspense is killing you. You're thinking "Did Jill get the lock out?"



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  1. Kimberly Lawson says:

    Best part of this is we thought it would take forever to get that lock and you got it on the very first try!! Awesome skills

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