Hope everyone’s holidays were nice. Things have either been super-busy in the department, super-wet (I think Sarah worked outside during two different torrential rain events over the holidays), or we’ve been rotating days off. Last night, my neighbor dropped off two grocery bags full of bananas. No need to buy bananas this week. Thanks Donna!Read more

Spotlight: My Anonymous Neighbor

┬áMy neighbor prefers to remain anonymous, which is a bummer since she is so supportive of me, the animals at the Museum and the community as a whole. Probably about once each week I open my front door and there is a bag of goodies waiting. Most recently, I’ve been finding 2-4 watermelons on my doorstep. Donna’s (whoops, now you know her name) first donation was a delivery of 10 watermelons loaded directly on the back of my truck! WatermelonsRead more

Packages for the Bears.

I thought the bears would be thrilled to have the 15 pounds or so of nuts that my neighbor left on my doorstep last week. However, in addition to the almonds and hazelnuts that Donna left on my doorstep, the bears received their own mail at the Museum. 50 pounds of walnuts arrived at the Museum addressed to the four of them! The bears have Kelly Taylor, our Rentals Manager to thank. Kelly absolutely LOVES the bears and asked herRead more