Spotlight: My Anonymous Neighbor

 My neighbor prefers to remain anonymous, which is a bummer since she is so supportive of me, the animals at the Museum and the community as a whole.

Probably about once each week I open my front door and there is a bag of goodies waiting. Most recently, I’ve been finding 2-4 watermelons on my doorstep. Donna’s (whoops, now you know her name) first donation was a delivery of 10 watermelons loaded directly on the back of my truck! Watermelons show up on my door step, in my truck, and she even delivers them directly to the Museum. She asks store owners if they want to donate melons too. I’d say she has donated no less than 100 watermelons over the past 3 years!

 But it’s not just watermelons. She knows when the bears are eating a lot of sweet potatoes and I’ll have 40 pound cases of sweet potatoes left on my door step. I’ve received well over 120 pounds of sweet potatoes. If avocados or mangos are on sale, I’ll have  a few bags of those hanging on my screen door knob. A good 50 pounds of nuts have appeared as well.

The list is endless. Bags of canned pumpkin for Chummix goat, leafy greens for the rabbits. The purple potato was pretty cool. Unique squashes and pumpkins and other roots and veggies. One of my favorite times was her walking into my driveway with the produce drawer from her refrigerator. I took her oranges (she said she didn’t eat them and I should have them).

She’s appeared with a bag of money for me to give to the Red Wolf Coalition. And then there’s school supplies: crayons and pencils and paper and… She donates items for the kids at the neighborhood school which I deliver for her.

Her thoughtfulness and interest in the animals is constant. A HUGE THANK YOU goes out to Donna for all she does for the Museum’s critters and the community. Thanks Donna!

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  1. Sherry Samuels says:

    UPDATE: right after I posted this I opened my front door to find a grocery bag full of walnuts!!!

  2. Katy says:

    You know it is going to be a good day when Sherry starts off the morning saying “My neighbor Donna…” She helped the bears get a brand new bright red barrel to play on and one time she brought several containers of marshmallow creme!!! The bears and Keepers alike enjoyed the creme! Thanks Donna for all you do for us and the animals.

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