QuikPics: bears and watermelon

A friend shared the following photos with me. Also, I took a quick video of the bears lining up getting ready for the watermelons to come (notice the woodchuck in the back of the clip). Thanks for the pictures Courtney!      Read more

Watermelon Day 2017

Next week is Watermelon Day! Come on by on Monday August 7– it’s a great day to talk with Keepers, learn about enrichment and how we care for the animals during the heat of the summer. Check out the schedule here. Read about previous Museum Watermelon Days here and here.    Read more

Watermelon Day 2015!

It’s Watermelon Day 2015!!   Are you coming to visit today to watch our animals get silly over watermelons?! You should! There will be short programs happening all day long in the Farmyard, Bears, Lemurs, and in Carolina Wildlife. You can even leave a watermelon at the front desk for the critters to eat later in the day! Check out some of our past years below, or do a search in the orange bar below the blog for all ofRead more

Watermelon Season is here

Autumn’s post about the bears and watermelon reminded me that watermelon season is upon us. (And by the way, welcome Autumn to joining our blog writing team!). We have so much fun with watermelons that we have a whole day at the Museum dedicated to celebrating watermelons- Watermelon Day 2014. Last year we  had a great time and got about 40 watermelons donated on Watermelon Day. We take watermelon donations all summer-  drop them off at the Admission Desk or at Gate #Read more