Watermelon Day 2015!

It’s Watermelon Day 2015!!


Are you coming to visit today to watch our animals get silly over watermelons?! You should! There will be short programs happening all day long in the Farmyard, Bears, Lemurs, and in Carolina Wildlife. You can even leave a watermelon at the front desk for the critters to eat later in the day!

Check out some of our past years below, or do a search in the orange bar below the blog for all of our past watermelon fun! We talk about this fruit a LOT.

Watermelon Day 2014

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Watermelon Day 2012 (this one has a video of the farmyard critters munching on melons)

Watermelon Day 2011

And now, for the important part of this post. Who wants to know what happens when bears eat lots of watermelons?

It comes out the other end looking much like it went in! Autumn and I will have lots of “keeper enrichment” at the bear house tomorrow morning.

Watermelon Day 2015: The Aftermath

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