Tortoise poop

I opened the door to clean and feed the tortoise last week and saw two really amazing and non-squashed piles of feces in the tortoise exhibit. I searched through my pockets in search of a quarter to put down next to the piles for perspective, but my pockets were empty :(. Katy has had to clean the tortoises’ bottom shell of dried squished poop, so fresh clean piles are a welcome change. Video of the tortoises eating at the endRead more

Why Purple Poop?

We have shown you pictures of fun colored poop before courtesy of our bears. The other day I found an oddly colored poop–any ideas what food made the bears poop purple!?   I think it is sort of pretty in a gross way–Keeper Jill does not agree! 😛Read more

Art in Nature

I was heading to bear overlook to do the meet the keeper program when I looked down and saw: It almost looks like we painted it there but it is in fact Great Blue Heron poop in the shape of a bird! If you’ve been out to the wetlands, you’ve probably seen what looks like paint splatters but it is really poop from a pretty big bird. The culprit below:     I think we’ve all seen animal shapes inRead more

Watermelon Day 2015!

It’s Watermelon Day 2015!!   Are you coming to visit today to watch our animals get silly over watermelons?! You should! There will be short programs happening all day long in the Farmyard, Bears, Lemurs, and in Carolina Wildlife. You can even leave a watermelon at the front desk for the critters to eat later in the day! Check out some of our past years below, or do a search in the orange bar below the blog for all ofRead more

Priority Mail

Michele Kloda, one of the Museum’s Exhibit Developers, has had a couple important package pick-ups recently. Any idea what was so important?     BEAR POOP (happy to field questions…)    Read more

Mimi loves Peanut Butter

Jessi and I go into the bear yard once a week (typically on Tuesdays) to scoop poop, scoop up any uneaten food and pick up old enrichment. Once we are done with that we scatter all their food for the day and we try to add an extra treat. A few weeks ago, we took in several jars of peanut butter and smeared it all over rocks, trees and anything else we could. I decided to smear some on theRead more