Watermelon Season is here

Autumn’s post about the bears and watermelon reminded me that watermelon season is upon us. (And by the way, welcome Autumn to joining our blog writing team!). We have so much fun with watermelons that we have a whole day at the Museum dedicated to celebrating watermelons- Watermelon Day 2014. Last year we  had a great time and got about 40 watermelons donated on Watermelon Day. We take watermelon donations all summer-  drop them off at the Admission Desk or at Gate # 1.  2011 was our best year yet as almost 200 watermelons were donated.

Of the over 1,100 posts we’ve published, some of my favorites have to do with watermelons:

Watermelons for our Farmyard Friends

Watermelon Storage

 Watermelon Day 2011 ( I like this one since it has a photo of Ursula eating watermelon)

Watermelons in the bear pool.

and of course, Watermelon poop  (take a look, it’s kind of cool… and not so gross)




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