Watermelon Season is here

Autumn’s post about the bears and watermelon reminded me that watermelon season is upon us. (And by the way, welcome Autumn to joining our blog writing team!). We have so much fun with watermelons that we have a whole day at the Museum dedicated to celebrating watermelons- Watermelon Day 2014. Last year we  had a great time and got about 40 watermelons donated on Watermelon Day. We take watermelon donations all summer-  drop them off at the Admission Desk or at Gate #Read more

Watermelon Day 2013 was great fun

We had a lot of fun yesterday at Watermelon Day 2013!. Check out the local media for photos of the event. Can you name the two bears eating watermelons in the photos below? (I tried to make it harder this time).     A new potential uniform for Keepers for Watermelon Day is being modeled by Lily (2 years old). Would Kent and Jill look better in this, or last year’s option?    Read more

New Keeper Uniforms for Watermelon Day

 It’s WATERMELON DAY and we’re having great fun. Ranger Ro got some video of our pigs eating (or trying to eat) watermelon, same for our bears. I stopped at the Sprout Cafe to try to get some tasty watermelon treats. Addie and her Dad said I could put up this picture of her. I was so impressed with her outfit for watermelon day I think I am going to make all the keepers wear it next year!        Read more

Don’t Burn Your Melons

Last summer, we got a whole truck load of watermelons donated from a local farmer. At the time, we were using them to give Ursula bear her daily medicines as well as for enrichment with the other animals. The farmer gave us so many because he couldn’t sell them; they had sunburn! He assured us that there was nothing wrong with the fruit inside, but the sun damaged the rind and watermelons that aren’t pretty don’t sell well. So we gotRead more

QuikPost: Ah, that refreshing watermelon

Only 7 days away from National Watermelon Day! Personally, I’m glad there is a day for everyone to celebrate watermelon. I think it is one of the most refreshing foods you can eat on a hot summer day. Many of our animals seem to find it refreshing (or at least enjoyable), as well. Check out the video below of some of our indoor animals (and maybe even a keeper) enjoying some yummy watermelon. And don’t worry, Sherry, I put the keeper up toRead more

Watermelon Day is coming

I know all we’ve talked about for several days is baby pine snakes, however, it’s less than two weeks until watermelon day and our goal leading up to Friday August 3rd is to only blog about watermelon and our animals with watermelon. Enjoy or fear the next two weeks. (We’ll obviously have to take some photos of pine snake babies with watermelons so we can keep you updated). We’ve written many posts over the years about watermelon. Do a searchRead more