QuikPost: Yona’s visit to the vet.

We took Yona in for radiographs (x-rays) on February 9. (We mentioned that after she had a visit from the vets we might take her in if her limp did not improve). Dr. Carter is going to send me some photos of the visit- I busted the camera during the event so it’s going to take me a little longer to get you some photos of Yona lying on a stretcher or an x-ray table. X-rays and blood were taken.Read more

Yona’s Visit from the Vet.

Dr. Carter checked out Yona on Sunday. Yona has some thin hair on her chest and a slight limp. Her front legs are a little pigeon-toed: we’ll keep a watch and maybe take her in for x-rays if we don’t see any improvement.In general, Yona is settling in slowly. She is currently only eating peanuts that are in the shell and turning down most everything else offered to her (unless it is syrup that we put medicine in or mini-marshmallowsRead more