Yona’s Visit from the Vet.

Dr. Carter checked out Yona on Sunday. Yona has some thin hair on her chest and a slight limp. Her front legs are a little pigeon-toed: we’ll keep a watch and maybe take her in for x-rays if we don’t see any improvement.
In general, Yona is settling in slowly. She is currently only eating peanuts that are in the shell and turning down most everything else offered to her (unless it is syrup that we put medicine in or mini-marshmallows for training).


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  1. Sherry says:

    Yona's limp likely developed here. The pigeon toed issues might be no issue at all.Remember, ABR tries to release bears to the wild so there is very little intervention- only if abslutely necessary. Some thinning hair and pigeon toed legs/feet are totally fine if the bears are eating and acting normal.Hope this makes sense…keep the questions coming.

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