QuikPost: Preparing for bad weather

Today the Keepers (Cassidy, Erin, Jill, and Kristen) are preparing for the impending precipitation. Who knows what will happen, but we’re preparing for much snow/sleet.
Here’s a photo of one of the documents we use to help make sure we are dealing with everything that needs to be dealt with.
Any thoughts, questions, suggestions, or comments appreciated.
If time/conditions permit over the weekend, we’ll get photos to share with you.

(remember the post about power outage? Some of the prep is the same).

5 responses to QuikPost: Preparing for bad weather

  1. Larry says:

    My plan for bad weather is to be out of town!! Just kidding, I'll be walking in for some farmyard fun I bet.

  2. Erin Brown says:

    Someone on Twitter asked me why we don't feed the bears on bad weather days. Any non-keeper want to try to guess before I tell you?

  3. ktraphagen says:

    RE: not feeding the bears on bad weather daysSo that they will come into the bear house when you need them to (being hungry and lured in by whatever goodies you have inside)?

  4. Erin Brown says:

    Oops, sorry it took so long for me to reply. Yes, you got it! Although this time of year they aren't much tempted by food. It's still a good precaution.

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