Quick Pic…Red Wolf

I took this picture of our female red wolf one afternoon.  This is new behavior our female is displaying.  When we first introduced her to the exhibit, she sat or laid behind the den.  Now, she is laying on top of the den for all to see.  Read more

Bear aggression

  This time of year the bears are getting more and more hungry.  We are getting closer to fall and for bears that means that it is time to pack on weight for winter.  The bear diet changes throughout the year to accommodate their dietary needs.  Those changes in the diet occur because of the behaviors that we observe from the bears.  When the bears get hungry, they display aggressive behaviors towards each other.  These behaviors include vocalizing, stomping, jawRead more

Too much to carry…

Elaina, one of our newest keepers, has been learning the daily routine of Explore the Wild.  The daily routine is summed up as checking on animals, feeding, cleaning and enriching.  At the end of the day, we have stuff that needs to get put away such as the bowls for lemurs.  Elaina decided that she would carry everything that we needed put away at the same time to save time. Enthusiasm is a great trait to have as a keeperRead more