Bear aggression


This time of year the bears are getting more and more hungry.  We are getting closer to fall and for bears that means that it is time to pack on weight for winter.  The bear diet changes throughout the year to accommodate their dietary needs.  Those changes in the diet occur because of the behaviors that we observe from the bears.  When the bears get hungry, they display aggressive behaviors towards each other.  These behaviors include vocalizing, stomping, jaw chattering and lip smacking.  When we see these behaviors as well as notice that they are not leaving any food then we can conclude they are in need of a diet increase.  A diet increase means that we are going to increase the amount of food they receive such as instead of getting 9 apples per day they would get 12 apples per day.

Va and Yona stand off

In the picture above, Virginia (front) and Yona (back) just got done with displaying aggressive behaviors towards each other.  They chased each other around the yard and stomped at each other as well.  They finally decided to occupy opposite sides of the pool.





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