Bear aggression

  This time of year the bears are getting more and more hungry.  We are getting closer to fall and for bears that means that it is time to pack on weight for winter.  The bear diet changes throughout the year to accommodate their dietary needs.  Those changes in the diet occur because of the behaviors that we observe from the bears.  When the bears get hungry, they display aggressive behaviors towards each other.  These behaviors include vocalizing, stomping, jawRead more

What do the bears eat?

Bear food for one day Here is the Bear food for one day. 12 apples 6 oranges 12 carrots 6 pears 6 cups of nuts 12.5 lbs of chow (missing from pic)   The bears always get apples and oranges. Every other day they get either carrots or cooked sweet potatoes. Their extra fruit/vegetable  (which is pears in this pic) varies each day between pears, avacados, berries, peaches or plums, heads of lettuce, grapes or raisins, and corn on the cob. EachRead more

Kindness is not out-dated

I recently had unexpected surgery. The museum staff is like a big family and many people have offered their help. In lieu of cooked meals (because I’m vegan and didn’t want to make a kind gesture an annoying task) many people donated money and Sherry was kind enough to make several grocery store trips to load me up with pre-packaged goodies for my recovery. I honestly didn’t expect anything and was quite tickled with the kindness of my co-workers.  Read more

What’s for Dinner?

NOTE: I’m temporarily working part-time in the Animal Department! I love wearing my official purple shirt. You never know what volunteering at the Museum will lead to. If you think it is hard to figure out what to have for dinner at your house, imagine all the various critters at the Museum who want to eat. Preparing food for all the animals on exhibit and behind-the-scenes is a major task for the keepers and volunteers every day. Kristen recently wroteRead more

Another trip to the grocery store

Kristen wrote about stocking the animal department Kitchen in October. She is our weekly produce shopper, but with her out of town, it was my turn to go. I grabbed the super-size cart, the one that two kids could sit in, and hoped everything would fit. I loaded 35 bananas in the cart: it made me think of what Wendy our woodchuck would do if she came across this goldmine! When I put the cauliflower in the cart, I chuckledRead more

Stocking the animal department kitchen

If you were to come into the animal department kitchen and crack open one of our 6 refrigerators/freezers, you’d probably see a lot of items you’d find in your own fridge at home: apples, oranges, broccoli, carrots… frozen dead mice, mealworms, etc. You know, the usual. 😉 Although we receive a few donations, we purchase most of our produce from the local grocery store, and have to restock our fridges about once a week. The look on some of theRead more