What do the bears eat?

Bear food for one day

Here is the Bear food for one day.

12 apples
6 oranges
12 carrots
6 pears
6 cups of nuts
12.5 lbs of chow (missing from pic)
The bears always get apples and oranges. Every other day they get either carrots or cooked sweet potatoes. Their extra fruit/vegetable  (which is pears in this pic) varies each day between pears, avacados, berries, peaches or plums, heads of lettuce, grapes or raisins, and corn on the cob. Each season the amount of food the bears need changes. We monitor this by checking the yard once a week- seeing how much food is leftover and also by watching for any arguments between the bears at feeding time.
Plus our bears get  food enrichment:  including 1/2 buckets of brazil nuts, layered ice blocks, and frozen watermelon.

Layered ice block enrichment

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