Another trip to the grocery store

Kristen wrote about stocking the animal department Kitchen in October. She is our weekly produce shopper, but with her out of town, it was my turn to go. I grabbed the super-size cart, the one that two kids could sit in, and hoped everything would fit.

I loaded 35 bananas in the cart: it made me think of what Wendy our woodchuck would do if she came across this goldmine! When I put the cauliflower in the cart, I chuckled because who would think that any animal would “swoon” over this vegetable: our exhibit opossum Gomez does. There were no avocados to get this week, but as I walked by the mounds of them I thought of Mimi, our bear, who fancies avocados. In fact, when she first came to the Museum, avocados and grapes were most of the food she would eat.

Speaking of grapes, there were none at the store, and grapes are a staple food for our bears, lemurs, and opossums. I headed off to another grocery store to pick up grapes, and collard greens since there were no collards either. I got enough of both to get us through at least the next few days, but there weren’t very much collard greens left. I should head out today and get more before the new year to make sure we have enough.

Happy New Year everyone!

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  1. Amy says:

    Can I donate some collards? I have a bag, only about a pound, that I know we won’t get to anytime soon.

  2. Sherry says:

    Sure Amy, Thanks. Come by the Museum anytime during open hours and ask the admission desk staff to radio the Animal department.Or, I will be at the Museum today, new year’s day, around 4:00-5:00. You can leave the bag of greens on top of my green truck.Or…call my extension at the Museum to arrange a time: 220-5429 ext 333.

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