Another produce shopping trip

I only had to do a mini run to the grocery store this week for produce. We just needed greens, beets, and some other random fruits and vegetables that aren’t available at the buy-in-bulk store where I sometimes stock up on apples, oranges, grapes, etc.It’s taken me a good while to get into the habit, but it is finally second nature to grab my cloth bags with me before I head out. For many years, I agonized over which wasRead more

Another trip to the grocery store

Kristen wrote about stocking the animal department Kitchen in October. She is our weekly produce shopper, but with her out of town, it was my turn to go. I grabbed the super-size cart, the one that two kids could sit in, and hoped everything would fit. I loaded 35 bananas in the cart: it made me think of what Wendy our woodchuck would do if she came across this goldmine! When I put the cauliflower in the cart, I chuckledRead more

“Is bleach on sale??”

I’m the keeper whose job it is to buy all of our supplies. One of the great things about that is hearing the comments I get from people around town as I’m buying those supplies. See my previous post about Stocking the Animal Department Kitchen. We use about 10 -12 gallons of bleach a week cleaning animal cages, exhibits, and pools, and I ususally end up buying large quantities of bleach (100 bottles) at a time to be a littleRead more

Stocking the animal department kitchen

If you were to come into the animal department kitchen and crack open one of our 6 refrigerators/freezers, you’d probably see a lot of items you’d find in your own fridge at home: apples, oranges, broccoli, carrots… frozen dead mice, mealworms, etc. You know, the usual. 😉 Although we receive a few donations, we purchase most of our produce from the local grocery store, and have to restock our fridges about once a week. The look on some of theRead more