Another produce shopping trip

I only had to do a mini run to the grocery store this week for produce. We just needed greens, beets, and some other random fruits and vegetables that aren’t available at the buy-in-bulk store where I sometimes stock up on apples, oranges, grapes, etc.
It’s taken me a good while to get into the habit, but it is finally second nature to grab my cloth bags with me before I head out. For many years, I agonized over which was the better choice to make for the environment- paper or plastic? After a while, it was clear…neither is a good choice! I needed some reusable bags!
When I first started trying to use cloth bags more, I’d often forget them completely. Or I’d leave them in my car, forcing me to run back out to the car while my overflowing cart sat in the grocery store terrorizing the poor employees (“aaaahhh- are we going to have to restock all that produce?!?”)
Here’s a pic of my more eco-friendly grocery cart, and as you can see, I try to advertise the museum on my trips out for supplies!

If you’re trying to move to cloth, don’t give up just because you’ve forgotten sometimes. Force yourself to turn around once, or run back to your car once or twice, and the next time you’ll remember!
I’ve been able to remember in my personal shopping as well, thanks to my husband’s trick: Hang the bags on your front door knob as soon as you finish unloading groceries; that way they’ll make it to the car when you next go out. Then, even when you make an unplanned trip to the store, the bags are magically there for your use!

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  1. Sherry says:

    Sometimes when I forget to bring my bags in with me I just put my groceries back in the cart as is and bag them when I return to my car.

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