Baby Opossums Here

Two baby opossums arrived today at the Museum. Each is about 8 inches long. The male weighs 70 grams and the female 62 grams.
We normally quarantine new animals behind the scenes but this time we decided to let these two start on exhibit so that you can see them while they are still young.
They’ll grow quickly, and soon they will have to be separated. One will eventually be used for our education programs while the other remains on exhibit in Carolina Wildlife for guests to come visit.
Look closely at the exhibit because they might be tucked into any crevice they can find. The photo below is of the female tucked back in a little nook. It’s just her, and her reflection from the glass. Come by and see them, and look for a future Blog posts to learn more about these two ‘possums and how they came to call the Museum home.

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  1. Colet says:

    I’ve always thought baby Opossums are adorable.. and that picture just proves it! I hope the babies stay nice and healthy, especially through their quarantine period. Just thought I’d also mention that I love coming here to find out how things are going with the animal department at the Museum. We don’t visit nearly as much as I’d like, but I visit the blog almost everyday to read all the updates with the animals and the keepers. So thanks to all the keepers for taking time out of your busy schedules to update so frequently!

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