QuikPost: More reusable bags!!

A few months ago I found some reusable produce bags at the grocery store. Props to the Kroger on North Pointe Drive who sells these!   These bags eliminate the need for those hard to open plastic bags on the roll that you fill with green beans,  kale, or whatever loose fruit or vegetable your opossum needs that week, and then toss once you’ve unloaded into the fridge.   They’re strong enough to hold apples and sweet potatoes, yet weigh next toRead more

Another produce shopping trip

I only had to do a mini run to the grocery store this week for produce. We just needed greens, beets, and some other random fruits and vegetables that aren’t available at the buy-in-bulk store where I sometimes stock up on apples, oranges, grapes, etc.It’s taken me a good while to get into the habit, but it is finally second nature to grab my cloth bags with me before I head out. For many years, I agonized over which wasRead more