Bear aggression

  This time of year the bears are getting more and more hungry.  We are getting closer to fall and for bears that means that it is time to pack on weight for winter.  The bear diet changes throughout the year to accommodate their dietary needs.  Those changes in the diet occur because of the behaviors that we observe from the bears.  When the bears get hungry, they display aggressive behaviors towards each other.  These behaviors include vocalizing, stomping, jawRead more

Signs of the Season: Year 2

Last year, it was Misha calling in the cooler weather. This year, it’s been the two big guys in the farmyard acting silly that let’s us know the crisp fall air is here to stay. Both Max and Lightning really seem to like playing with keepers much more once September and October roll in. You’ve seen Lightning play fetch with his Jolly Ball before, but did you know that Max will play Tag?  Read more

Signs of the Season

Ranger Greg may have noticed the first signs of the impending season change back in August, but here in the Animal Department, we hold off until the middle of October to make our changes from the summer heat to the winter cold. We also have our animals to let us know when it’s time to shut off the fans and turn on the heaters. Scout, the duck, molts all of his old summer feathers to prepare for what would be aRead more

More Out of the Pocket Than in the Pocket of a Keeper: Volume the Third

Fall is in the air at last(ish)! I really enjoy this time of year when everything is cooling down again (although in our case it’s more like colding down and then heating up and then finally, maybe, cooling down a little, for now, if we’re lucky and don’t jinx it. Oops.). Regardless, October is definitely one of my favorite months because it’s such a transition month (my other favorite month is March for the same reason. Have you heard theRead more