What’s New in the Cattle Yard.

Planning has been going on behind the scenes for a few months as we prepared to had a chute and head gate for the cattle. Keepers will train the bulls to walk into the chute. This will make working on such large animals safer for everyone… bulls and humans. Pictures below from phase one, post setting. Project should be completed in early August.      Read more

Spotlight: Daniel Bjorklund

Meet Daniel Bjorklund. He works in the Museum’s Facilities Department. (Prior to that he was an animal keeper and prior to that he worked in the Facilities Department).  It’s really helpful to have someone know a lot about the world of the animal department from first hand experience working in our “fix it” department. We need help from other staff all the time. Daniel has fixed and replaced the wolf pool pump and float more than once. He is likeRead more