There’s a Goat in the Tree

Rocky is a bit too short to reach the tastiest leaves on the tree with all 4 feet on the ground. So, after many attempts, he adopted a new routine for browsing. Previous to Rocky’s new found abilities, Chummix goat had been the champion Farm Yard tree climber. Unlike Rocky who climbs for more typical browse, Chummix only climbed trees for  Poison Ivy vines.Read more

QuikPic: goat and cats

The most interesting thing, to me, about this photo is not that there is a goat in my living room, but rather that my big cat on the floor (Scout) is resting on a cat toy. He does not play with cat toys. Actually, Scout hasn’t rested on this carpet in I-don’t-know-how-long, and Kobi hasn’t slept on my chair until recently when the goat moved to my living room.    Read more

Chummix the goat/duck/rabbit

Earlier you would have seen the rabbits in their outside enclosure. However, a lot is going on in the farm yard. The rabbits have moved to the other side of their barn and when the duck goes in for the night he now stays on the rabbits old side. This morningChummix had to temporarily go into the ducks enclosure because of all the new construction and repainting that is going on in the farm yard. Chummix didn’t seem to mindRead more

I Spy

Have you ever looked closely at a goat or sheep and noticed their weird rectangular eyes? I hear guests commenting on them every few weeks; some people love them, some people are disturbed by them, I think they’re awesome! Ungulates (hooved animals) are prey animals and need to have a great field of vision to avoid being snuck up on by a predator while they’re grazing. The rectangular pupil of the sheep and goats allow them to see in nearlyRead more

Gatorade for Goats

Well, not for all goats, just Chummix. According to Dr. Cannedy Chummix is sick, with “old goat disease”. Chummix is watched closely, and has been for some time now. About six months or so ago Chummix lost a lot of weight. He was checked for all the typical diseases, and Dr. Cannedy has seen him three or four times since then. Chummix still eats and does his usual activities… he’s just old. Chummix is currently a shadow of what he used to be, and looks likeRead more