Gatorade for Goats

Well, not for all goats, just Chummix. According to Dr. Cannedy Chummix is sick, with “old goat disease”. Chummix is watched closely, and has been for some time now. About six months or so ago Chummix lost a lot of weight. He was checked for all the typical diseases, and Dr. Cannedy has seen him three or four times since then. Chummix still eats and does his usual activities… he’s just old. Chummix is currently a shadow of what he used to be, and looks like an old goat.

Last week Chummix was sitting more, not being as rambunctious as usual, and wasn’t eating as he typically does. I think Sarah said he was being quite “cuddly”. Dr. Cannedy came by and still says Chimmix has “old goat disease”,  but gave him some vitamins and recommended the following treatment: Gatorade. 1 part Gatorade to 4 parts water. It’s been hot, super hot as we all know. We need to keep  Chummix hydrated and with balanced electrolytes too!

I bought 7 different flavors since I have no idea what flavor Chummix likes. Thoughts?



6 responses to Gatorade for Goats

  1. leslie says:

    I think you gotta start with the classics-I find lemon-lime to be the most refreshing but orange is nice too. Do goats eat much citrus?

    Would you ever make him a gatorade popsicle?

  2. dj says:

    Does Chummix like watermelons? You could inject some of the Gatorade in the watermelons for a super cool hydrating treat.

    • Sherry Samuels says:

      he does indeed eat watermelon-sometimes, and other times not-so-much…

  3. Sarah Van de Berg says:

    Jill wasn’t kidding about him drinking a lot of fruit punch. His water/gatorade bucket had about 2 gallons missing by the next morning!

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