A horse is a horse…

Of course, of course… And Tuesday, December 13th is the National Day of the Horse!  You can pet them, you can brush them, you can ride them and you can impress girls with them.  They are a wonderful animal and they come in many different breeds and even species once you’re out of the domestic realm.  So let’s think about some of our favorite hoofed friends and if you’re able to, give one a hug today!  Here’s a couple ofRead more

QuikPost: Friends

Sherry mentioned in her post that she gave Yona a stuffed bear a few days ago. Today while we were in the locker room looking for more uniform shirts, we found an old stuffed horse that I think was an old horse from our Play to Learn exhibit. It was getting in our way, but we thought Yona might like a new friend! It will go in with her tonight. I sat on it for scale: And though we areRead more