A horse is a horse…

Of course, of course

And Tuesday, December 13th is the National Day of the Horse!  You can pet them, you can brush them, you can ride them and you can impress girls with them.  They are a wonderful animal and they come in many different breeds and even species once you’re out of the domestic realm.  So let’s think about some of our favorite hoofed friends and if you’re able to, give one a hug today!  Here’s a couple of famous horses – see if you can figure out who’s who.  I’ll put a list of possibilities at the bottom in case you get stumped  🙂


Okay, we'll start easy...










Another total freebie!


Think of the title of this post...
I know you've got this one!
A little harder, but one of my favorite shows when I was a kid
Trick question! Mwah ha ha! Not a true horse, but called a... ??
Old school my friends! And for extra credit, what what that famous phrase always said to this horse?
This horse was a resident of the Emerald City...
Okay, here’s the possible answers – only look here if you want to make it REALLY easy!  🙂  Your horse ID possibilities are: Maximus, Bullseye, Mr.Ed, Silver, The Water Horse, a Horse of a Different Color, Spirit & Comet.  I’m only giving you names and not what they played in, because that would be way too super easy!  Good luck, and I’ll post the answers in a few days!   Have a great time with it and Happy National Day of the Horse! 

7 responses to A horse is a horse…

  1. Ranger Greg says:

    Mr. Ed (a horse is a horse, of course, of course…)
    Comet (Clint Walker)
    Water Horse
    Hi-yo, Silver! Away!
    A Horse of a different color

  2. Wendy says:

    I have a hoofograph from Misty of Chincoteague, signed by Maureen Beebe (for real!!)

  3. Mikey says:

    Big Congrats Greg! You got them all right! Horse-wise at least 🙂 With Comet is not Clint Walker but Brisco County Jr., Played by Bruce Campbell -one of the best B-Actors of all time. Nice job with the quiz though! You get all 4 hoof stamps of approval! 🙂

    And sorry Wendy, I thought about the Black Stallion and my friend Flicka as well, but couldn’t include everyone or this would be a VERY long post! Also would have put Gus in (the horse who could kick field goals). 🙂

    And Mike- good job, keep it up! I’m sure they love you for it. 🙂

  4. Ranger Greg says:

    Yes, Mikey, you’re right.
    But, Bruce Campbell looks like Clint Walker, they both played cowboys in movies and on TV, both worked for Warner Bros. at one time or another…they’re almost the same person.

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