Interview with Sonny the Opossum

Recently, I got a chance to catch our opossum Sonny awake and NOT eating so I had a little chat with him. He used to live in Carolina Wildlife but, now resides in our EHR. Me: Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule of sleeping and scarfing mozzarella to talk with me. Sonny: You’re welcome, lets just make sure this interview isn’t too long because I have to get back to my nap. Me: What would your ULTIMATERead more

Interview with a Groundhog

In honor of Groundhogs Day, I decided to conduct an interview with ours…. Meet Henry, he is an adorable resident of our Carolina Wildlife exhibit. Being that it was his first Groundhogs Day, he was most excited to sit down with me and give me a little interview: Me: Hello Henry! Nice to see you this morning Henry: Hi Jill, likewise and I am very excited about today.It is Groundhogs Day, you know. Me: Of course, but before we begin,Read more