Interview with a Groundhog

In honor of Groundhogs Day, I decided to conduct an interview with ours….

Meet Henry, he is an adorable resident of our Carolina Wildlife exhibit. Being that it was his first Groundhogs Day, he was most excited to sit down with me and give me a little interview:

Me: Hello Henry! Nice to see you this morning

Henry: Hi Jill, likewise and I am very excited about today.It is Groundhogs Day, you know.

Me: Of course, but before we begin, can you tell me something that many people ask? What is the difference between a Woodchuck and a Groundhog?

Henry:Thanks for asking that Jill, a lot of people wonder and I am going to clear that up and just say that there is no difference between the two. We all have the scientific name of  Marmota monax.We are a rodent and we have the ability to climb trees and even swim. However, I detest water.

Me:Oh, ok thanks for that little bit of info. So, what exactly is Groundhogs Day?

Henry:Well, it all started long ago and has been a tradition in the United States and always falls on February 2nd. Basically, we start to wake up from our hibernation. A woodchuck sticks his head out of his burrow, if he sees his shadow its six more weeks of winter and if he doesn’t see his shadow, spring is on its way.

Me: So, what did you see this morning?

Henry:Jill, you know I don’t go outside and I am much too sophisticated to believe in such myths. Who knows what the weather will be like?…Its almost 70 degrees today and its supposed to get colder during the week! Ask that other groundhog, whats his name Puxa…Punx….something like that.

Me:You mean Punxsutawney Phil?

Henry: Yea, him.

Me:Ok Henry, thanks for your time but I have just one more question. Who is going to win the super bowl?

9 responses to Interview with a Groundhog

  1. Shawntel says:

    Please note that he “points” towards the Steelers paper before walking to the Packer paper. I think that means the Packers will get the consolation prize! Go Steelers! I still love ya’ Henry!

  2. Debbie says:

    Henry clearly doesn’t care about pro football. I think he really wants to know when the Tar Heels are playing again!

  3. Jill Brown says:

    Debbie, I regret to inform you that Henry backs the pack.

  4. Marilyn Johnson says:

    Yes, but in March Henry will be predicting whether Duke will win the NCAA tournament this year. He’s not even including UNC or NC State because neither of them stand a chance.;)

  5. kelly says:

    Great entry! More animal interviews, please — I’d love to hear what some of the other animals think about things.

  6. Emily says:

    Hello, my name is Emily and I work with animals and would like to begin training a couple of woodchucks to be friendly towards people and able to walk on a lead and explore. I was hoping you would be able to provide me with some training tips. Such as what cues you might use, how you trained, and what type of reward you gave him. Also, while these woodchucks are not yet a year old they are still very nervous and scared. Do you have any suggestions as to help them get over this?

    Thank you, Emily

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