I was going through some pictures and found this one of Henry. Immediately, I thought about the Wacky Wavers that you see on the side of the road. He’s adorable no matter what shape he is in!Read more

A dream has been answered

A few weeks ago I wrote a little post about animals dreaming. I included a picture of what I thought our woodchuck Henry possibly dreams about. A nice individual who reads our blog granted Henry’s dream come true. Here are 2 pictures.  Read more

Dream a little dream

Have you ever wondered if animals dream?  There’s no doubt in my mind they do and a while ago MIT did research and found out that animals do indeed dream. Here is the article. Often I wonder what our animals could be dreaming of. Below is a guess of mine:Read more

Super Bowl XLVIII

The Super Bowl is coming up and happens to be on Ground Hog Day. We’ve done several posts on Ground Hog day because of  Henry. Previously, we did Super Bowl predictions a few times. Henry managed to make his choice again for 2014, when the Denver Broncos will be playing Seattle Seahawks. If Henry happens to guess wrong, I know a few people who will be VERY disappointed!  Read more

Why You Should Always Carry A Camera: Reason 1

Every morning Henry, the woodchuck, gets an Efa Capsule to keep his skin and coat looking good. Usually he takes his medicine very well especially if you put it on banana, a piece of bread or if he is really lucky on a Henry sized peanut butter sandwich. This morning when I opened Henry’s door to give him his medication I was greeted by him sitting in his bed, staring at me, patiently waiting for his medicine. Upon closer inspectionRead more

Last week’s vet visit

Dr. Vanderford was here last week for a visit to check on some of the critters. We had two sedations planned for the day: Henry and Cynthia.   Cynthia needed a couple bad teeth removed. She did great under sedation- staying asleep when we wanted and waking when we wanted.   Henry, on the other hand, was a different story. First of all, it’s difficult to hold him- at least it is not safe to hold him as you neverRead more