Why You Should Always Carry A Camera: Reason 1

Every morning Henry, the woodchuck, gets an Efa Capsule to keep his skin and coat looking good. Usually he takes his medicine very well especially if you put it on banana, a piece of bread or if he is really lucky on a Henry sized peanut butter sandwich. This morning when I opened Henry’s door to give him his medication I was greeted by him sitting in his bed, staring at me, patiently waiting for his medicine. Upon closer inspection I noticed he had a walnut shell placed just perfect over the tip of his nose, just like Rudolph, but instead of a red nose he had a walnut nose! No words can explain how adorable this was and how bummed I was to know I wasn’t carrying a camera! So instead of that adorable picture of Henry I leave you with these.

Henry making his bed.
Henry checking out Barred Owls.
Henry checking out my jacket.

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