Last week’s vet visit

Dr. Vanderford was here last week for a visit to check on some of the critters. We had two sedations planned for the day: Henry and Cynthia.

Dr. V getting meds ready


Cynthia needed a couple bad teeth removed. She did great under sedation- staying asleep when we wanted and waking when we wanted.

Cynthia awaking in her crate.


Henry, on the other hand, was a different story. First of all, it’s difficult to hold him- at least it is not safe to hold him as you never know when he will turn on you. So in order to sedate him, we place him in a box and pump anesthesia in.

Henry getting sleepy


Henry sleepy

We’re not sure exactly why, but sedation doesn’t seem to work on Henry like it should on paper. We upped his meds this year and still, he was never fully sedated. This made a complete physical a bit tricky. Next year we’ll have to try new drugs on him.

Both critters are fine. Next week the wolves will have their physicals. Katy is aching to get her hands on the male so it should be an exciting day.


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