Groundhog Day 2012

Happy Groundhog Day! Last year you may have remembered that our Groundhog/Woodchuck Henry, had an interview and predicted the Super Bowl winner last year. This year Henry is in hibernation mode but still gets up every once in a while to eat a peanut or banana. Last year I took this video and in honor of Groundhog Day I thought I would post it.  Read more

Henry Explores Carolina Wildlife

This is Henry our Woodchuck otherwise known as a Groundhog.  The other morning, before we opened, Keeper Sarah gave Henry some much needed exercise time, in the people area of Carolina Wildlife. He enjoyed running back and forth, chasing us when he could, and checking out the exhibits. Then Keeper Katy came out and gave Henry a little tour of the snake exhibits. Henry is one of our more active inside animals so we make sure to give him lotsRead more

Interview with a Groundhog

In honor of Groundhogs Day, I decided to conduct an interview with ours…. Meet Henry, he is an adorable resident of our Carolina Wildlife exhibit. Being that it was his first Groundhogs Day, he was most excited to sit down with me and give me a little interview: Me: Hello Henry! Nice to see you this morning Henry: Hi Jill, likewise and I am very excited about today.It is Groundhogs Day, you know. Me: Of course, but before we begin,Read more