Henry Explores Carolina Wildlife

Look at that shaved belly, Henry was recently neutered

This is Henry our Woodchuck otherwise known as a Groundhog.  The other morning, before we opened, Keeper Sarah gave Henry some much needed exercise time, in the people area of Carolina Wildlife. He enjoyed running back and forth, chasing us when he could, and checking out the exhibits.

Keeper Sarah and Henry run around
Keeper Sarah protecting her ankles
Squeezing his way between the bench and the wall to climb on top of the bench

Then Keeper Katy came out and gave Henry a little tour of the snake exhibits.

Henry looks at Black Rat Snake with Keeper Katy
"Look Henry this is a Pine snake"
Henry climbs a step to see the Corn Snake better

Henry is one of our more active inside animals so we make sure to give him lots of enrichment, check out these other posts about woodchuck enrichment: raisins anyone and interview with a groundhog


And my favorite picture:

Henry and the fish check each other out


5 responses to Henry Explores Carolina Wildlife

  1. DJ says:

    Wow…I’m signing up for the December 18. 2011 “Behind the Scenes Tour” to see Henry! Didn’t he also predict the Superbowl winner?!

  2. Ashlyn says:

    What a great exercise time and location for him! Much more fun than the hall:)

    • Kimberly Lawson says:

      Keeper Jill often gives Henry this special exercise time and Sonny as well

  3. Jill Brown says:

    He did indeed predict the winner…Not sure if he will be hibernating this football season so we may need to choose someone else.

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