QuikPost: Max and his stump

Kimberly shared the stump story, along with photos of the bears and the stumps.  Jim, our landscape environments director and deliverer of the stumps to the yards, caught this video of the end of Max’s initial meeting with his stump. Enjoy.Read more

QuikPost: Snow Day

We were too busy today dealing with the ice, snow, sleet, and rain to take photos. Jim, our Landscape Director, got this pretty shot of the bear waterfall. It reminds me of some photos that ranger Greg took last year when it was COLD- take a look!Read more

Trees for the bear yard

This past Monday was the day to relocate some large trees to plant in the bear yard.  Three large trees were removed from the parking lot and transplanted into the bear yard. We’re obviously hoping that all three trees will make it, but if we get two to take that will be wonderful! The trees are really big. Jim, our Director of Landscape Environments, is standing at the front of the truck to give some perspective. This truck is prettyRead more