Lemur Tracking Drill

We recently had a Lemur Tracking Drill. Sherry informed us that two “lemurs” were hidden around campus and we had an hour to find them. Off we went… We then decided to go out to the parking lot since our signal was pointing us in that direction. Quickly there after,  we found the first lemur in a tree. After feeling successful about finding the first lemur so quickly we decided to split up at the boardwalk. Sarah and I headedRead more

QuikPost: Lemur Tracking

Erin wrote a great post last year on tracking lemurs. Last month some of the keepers practiced their lemur tracking skills. Each of our lemurs wear a collar so that if they get out of their exhibit we can find them. I wouldn’t really let a real lemur out, so I put a tracking collar on a stuffed-animal and hide it somewhere.   This is what they found:Read more